Carrot contains vitamin A that strengthens immunity, and chicken produces zinc that helps with fever. The best defense against the virus is to strengthen the immune system with proper, balanced nutrition. Due to poor quality nutrition, the body is more susceptible to infections, and the recovery itself lasts longer. Foods that are useful in nutrition include those that contain nutrients important for the enhancement of immunity – high quality sources of protein, good fat, antioxidant, and probiotics. Namely, for the smooth operation of immunity, care should be taken for digestion because good bacteria in the colon and the balance of the intestinal microflora are responsible for overall health. Therefore, high-quality fermented dairy products such as yogurt and kefir should be included in the diet. “Injecting lactic acid bacteria promotes the health of the digestive and, therefore, immunity. They fight against pathogens in the intestine by producing antimicrobial compounds, thus protecting immunity” .


In Western countries, more and more large firms pay their employees their sickness due to mental stress, not just because of viruses or mechanical injuries. Serbia is late in the world, and so on, but it is certain that this will happen. Leisure has become quite busy, because it often fills up with another job, the holiday has turned into a chase for social life, fitness activities or solving other problems for which there is no place during a working day. In the opinion of a man who is known worldwide as Dr. Happy, Doctor of Psychology Tim Sharpe, a break was any activity or inactivity that encourages relaxation and return of energy. Although this concept seems very simple, many people are chronically tired. ie, as a cover of life, it can serve them as “when I get to sleep and why never.” Many often take a piece of free time from someone else: a face mask is put aside for as long as it takes to cook tea or talk with dear people on the phone on the way home from work, and on the bus. The Netherlands officially has one of the shortest working days in the world, yet it is still one of the most productive countries in Europe and is always at the top when it comes to ranking people’s fortunes. When you ask them how to spend their free time, they say: “I always try to get out of the office while there is still sun to be able to drink on the bench”; “I sit by the river and read two or three hours”; “I spend the evenings without thinking about what to do tomorrow.” So before a person begins to relax, he should better understand this concept.

Winter is a period when we need more vitamins, so that we stay in good physical shape. Since most people do not have too much free time, there is a good form and health solution that takes only five minutes! All you need is a powerful blender, juicer and shaker. Supermodern blender makes fractions and shake within a few seconds! Smell and you can immediately drink from the same bottle. The extension on the lid allows you to carry it with you and drink on the way to work, at the gym or wherever you want. Break the ice for a few seconds, and everything you put in it will take a few seconds.

It’s very easy to clean. Blender is a fast family breakfast solution on the go! Add fruit to create a healthy snack, or add a spoon of your favorite protein for a gym. It is ultra-compact, with a powerful high-speed engine for rapid grinding of ice, fruits and vegetables. The casing is made of pure plastic, supplied with 2 bottles with a pop-up drum. It has built-in blades and is cleaned under a jet of water. It has a 2 year warranty and a power of 180 W. READ MORE

Lifestyle confirms not only that romantic and platonic friendships are possible but that men can live, socialize and work with women and avoid the temptation of spontaneous sex. How many women only surround themselves with male friends and rarely have friends? However, there is a suspicion that this is just a facade, to bend under the surface and occasionally sparkle sparks of sexuality. This is very well known by married women who, when their husband is concerned, can hardly believe in the sentence: “She is my only good friend.” The results of a great research from 2012 on the attractiveness of male and female friendships conducted by a team from the University of Wisconsin led by Bleska-Rechek largely resolve our dilemmas and point to the great gender differences in experience. They came to the conclusion that women were much more sexually attractive to their male friends than vice versa. Men also had a wrong belief that they are equally attractive to their friends, which has nothing to do with real feminine feelings.

How many times did you happen to have your boss weather the weekend you wanted to spend with your family by giving you some sort of task that is incredibly important and can not wait for Monday?

How do you say “no” to the waitress who offers you a wonderful cake at the end of the evening, how not to give a dinar to the traffic lights, refrain from commenting on a post on Facebook? How much force does your girlfriend to refuse to help her after breaking up with her boyfriend, even though you are waiting a million home jobs or a cousin’s request to lend him money that will get you back by the end of the month? How to set up a child who insists on chocolate and cries while standing in line at the checkout, and everyone is watching you? How do you refuse to go to your mother’s birthday, even if you’re just resting? We are bombarded with things we do not want and the pressure does not come from outside, it creates our “I must” and “should” because someone expects us to do it.